Leaders in the Classroom

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.12.32 PMBishop Canevin High School’s college preparatory curriculum is designed to challenge and strengthen each student’s academic skills in preparation for college. Our faculty and staff provide a rich learning environment that emphasizes the value of quality scholarship and helps each student reach their full potential. Our commitment to the development of scholarship and honorable character among our students is the foundation for success during high school and beyond.

Our academic curriculum is appropriately demanding with a number of honors-level, AP, and College in High School courses to choose from.

Teachers develop caring, mentoring relationships with their students and help them achieve content mastery and reach their personal goals.

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Our curriculum is designed to provide clear, consistent, and high expectations of college readiness for all students. To achieve this goal, proficiency is required in six academic areas: Religion, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and World Language. Additionally, students are required to achieve proficiency in Health/Phys. Ed and the Fine Arts. Students can pursue a wide variety of electives in Business & Technology, Art, and Music in academic subject areas to meet personal needs and interests. Honors, AP, and College in High School courses are available to students who qualify and who want to challenge themselves.

Qualified students may enroll in online courses offered through the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA). Recognized by the Jesuit Conference as a work of the Society of Jesus, the JVLA connects students in Ignatian and Jesuit secondary schools throughout the world and provides courses, programs, and support materials designed in the Ignatian tradition by qualified faculty. Students are able to connect to both national and international learning communities through common coursework, providing an even broader opportunity for learning and lifelong success.

TECHNOLOGY: Our Crusader iPad Advantage has transformed the learning experience of all students. Bishop Canevin was the first high school in the Pittsburgh region to implement a 1:1 program using Apple iPad 2s and has led the way in technology innovation. Several textbooks, including Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry, are embedded in student’s iPads and other departments use content-specific apps to enrich and support instruction.

Our four computer labs – Instructional Technology, Multimedia Technology, Science Technology, and World Language Technology – allow students to pursue their academic studies and research with a 1:2 computer-to-student ratio. Faculty members incorporate technology use on a daily basis in their classrooms as well through the use of Smart Boards and Apple TV.