Support Your Passion

Sometimes all it takes to make a big difference is a small step. Bishop Canevin’s Crowdfunding Initiative is designed to connect people like you to exciting projects that are spearheaded by faculty and that are most meaningful to you. Support this year’s crowdfunding initiatives and make a big difference!

Your gift, no matter the amount ($5, $20, $50, or more if you are able) will make a difference in the lives of current Bishop Canevin students. For more information on crowdfunding, please contact Kathy Lynch, Executive Director of Advancement, 412.922.7400 ext. 219 or

Help spread the word about our Crowdfunding Initiatives through your social media contacts!  Post on your own Facebook page and/or tweet our message to your BC alumni and friends.  The more who know, the more we’ll raise! Thank you!

Choose the Crowdfunding Initiative that you would like to support!

Amount: $500+

Yes, we are still building sets for the musical, and we could use your help! The black curtains and the metal tracks that they hang from need replaced and the estimated cost is $30,000. Thus far, we have raised $8,000 towards this initiative. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
-Tom and Karen Kennedy
SCUM (Stage Crew Union Member) Moderators

Amount: $500

Donating to the English Department will allow us to take students on field trips to see live theater, bring actors / writers to the school for workshops, purchase a new set of novels, or a subscription to Thank you for your continued support of our academic programs at Bishop Canevin.
-Jacki Weaver, English Department Chair

Amount: $500+

Support the library by funding an electronic card catalog so that students can access resources from one central location, allowing them to connect to catalog information and electronic resources from school computers and mobile devices. This project costs about $3,000, but $1,000 has already been raised. Every dollar counts; donate to the library today!
-Sue Rakaczky, School Librarian

Amount: $500

The Math Department would like to purchase a Scholastic Math subscription which provides a monthly magazine, online resources for teachers and students, and an iPad app. Topics covered include STEM activities, Real-world applications, standardized tests preparations, and fundamental tools for our students’ mathematical success. We thank you for your support!
-Lori Rossi, Math Department Chair

Amount: $500

One main goal of the Music Department is to build the Choral Music Library. Dependent upon length, publisher, and composer, music pieces for Concert Choir can range from $80-$140. Having as many choral musical pieces as possible will benefit the Concert Choir. Typically, the Concert Choir prepares and performs about 20 pieces per school year. Thank you for your consideration!
-Kevin Johnson, Music Department Chair

Amount: $500

The Biology Department is in need of new virtual labs. Specifically, one virtual lab that would be of particular benefit to students is “Visualizing Cell Processes,” which costs $475.30. While Bishop Canevin has worked very hard on improving our science facilities and curriculum, there is still a lot of work that is needed in the Biology Department. Thank you for your constant support.
-Mike Lesifko, Science Department Chair

Amount: $300

In recent years, Bishop Canevin’s altar linens have begun to show their age. Even with diligent volunteers laundering and repairing the fabric, stains and time have still gotten the best of the linens. Our appeal is to raise $300 in order to purchase three sets of new linens, with attention to the liturgical colors we celebrate in the Church. Thank you for your support!
-Sean Fox, Theology Department Chair