Important Reminders



The following Summer School options have been approved for BC students with failures.   Please note the registration deadlines, fees and credits.  Consult the Program’s brochure or web-page for specific classes and levels.  A printed packet of this information is available, or if you have questions, call the BC Counseling Office at Ext. 224.

Once enrolled, please contact the BC Counseling Office to notify us that your child is registered and where.    All work must be completed by August 7, 2017 so that we receive final grades and credits (BC’s passing grade is 70% or higher) in time for the start of school in September.


EDUCERE is an on-line Virtual Education Service.  The fee is $195.00 per course for most recovery courses. Click the link below.  The “Bishop Canevin homepage” will open with courses offered for credit recovery (listed as Abbrv Full) for BCHS and their fees.  Click on the course name and continue to register.  Additional registration information can be found at the bottom of the homepage. Please note their registration due date is June 16.


JVLA Religion Courses 2017  – (Click title  for course descriptions) Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (J.V.L.A.) offers Religion courses (Theology).   The cost is $265.00 per course.
Freshmen      can take either Freshman course for 1/2 credit recovery.
Sophomores can take either Sophomore course for 1/2 credit recovery.
Juniors failing Sacraments, must take Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ for ½ credit.
Juniors failing Morality must take Life in Jesus Christ for ½ credit.
Seniors who failed a ½ credit course, can choose Bioethics for ½ credit OR Ignatian Discernment for ½ credit recovery.    If 1 full credit of Religion is needed, (2 semester failures) both courses MUST be taken.

Register on-line at .  Direct registration questions to Jeffrey Hausman via email at or by phone at  (877)729-5852 ext. 101.


PROJECT SUCCEED at K.O. HS –   Click here,  Project Succeed KO HS 2017  for an application. Enrollment is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students may register any time after May 15, 2017, and a general registration held on May 30 & 31, June 1, 5, 6, 7th from 5p.m. to 7:30p.m. in the Keystone Oaks HS Library.  The Cost is $200.00 per Class, CASH ONLY.     Each class offered will run for ONE WEEK.  Students may choose 9am to 12pm  and/ or   from 5pm to 8pm classes Monday through Friday.

June 12 –16                        Science                                                                      – Room 223
June 19 – 23                        Math – on computer for Alg I, II, Geom, Trig    – H.S. Library
June 26 – 30                       World History                                                          – Room 114
July     3 – 10                       English                                                                       – Middle Sch. LGI Room

Credits are awarded at ½ credit for classroom work, passing of exams and ½ credit for Independent Study, both needed by BC students for a full 1 credit recovery.  Failure to complete and return all facets of the Independent Study, per the instructor, will result in NO CREDIT.  Call Mr. Joel Vanucci at (412)571-6066.


PHASE 4 LEARNING CENTER  – Student must pre-register at Brentwood Towne Square location.  Classes run June 19-July 14.   Two sessions daily from 8-11am (morning session) and 12-3pm (afternoon session).  Space is limited & is first-come, first-served.   For details and paperwork, visit .    The BC Counselor MUST sign your completed application.  Cost per course is $200 cash or money order (made payable to PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc.) and is due upon registration.  Call Tom Branthoover at 412.942.0760 or stop by the Brentwood Towne Center with other questions.  Click here for Phase4 application for 2017.


WATERFRONT LEARNING (Recovery Now)  is an Online Summer Program through the Allegheny Intermediate Unit, enrollment is on-line ONLY, beginning June 1 and ending on July 13.  The cost for Credit Recovery is $255 per course. You need Credit Recovery Courses, not EnrichmentVisit their website at . Click on the “Parents” tab, then “Recovery Now! Summer Programs 2017”, then “Registration Information” and click on to register. Or you can find “Summer Course Offerings”, etc.    **When asked for a contact person’s name, please list Mrs. Dagnall, Counseling Secretary,  .


Your School District – Call your local District high school to see if they offer summer school credit recovery. Confirm with BC that the class is an appropriate credit recovery.