Magis Moments Program

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Service is an integral part of the mission and identity of the Ignatian educational experience and its mission, “to do all things for the Greater Glory of God.” The Magis Moments Service Program at Bishop Canevin is rooted in the teaching of St. Ignatius Loyola that “love is shown in deeds rather than words.”

AMDG RedWe invite our students to become “men and women for others” by educating their minds and hearts to horizons beyond their previous experience and into the world beyond the world they know. We feel that it is important that they come in contact with people who on the surface may be unlike themselves, people who are poor, both materially and in spirit and body, people who are marginalized, socially or economically disadvantaged, and disabled either in mind or body. We hope this encounter will result in what we hope are the ultimate goals of the Magis Moments Program:

1) The BC community and the students themselves realize that our gifts and abilities can help people, can heal their hurts, can alleviate their loneliness, can give companionship and encouragement, can enlighten minds and give dignity to those whom they serve.

2) Through their service, we hope our students will become aware that they receive much more than they give: that when they become healers, they themselves are healed; when they give companionship, they themselves receive companionship; when they uplift and encourage, they themselves are uplifted and encouraged; and when they enlighten, they are themselves enlightened.

3) That our students recognize God is present in all things, all people and all situations.

We also hope that the effects of the Magis Moments experience will stay with our students no matter what career or profession they may find themselves later in life. We hope that this experience is one of many that will raise their consciousness to the point where attitudes can be changed and lives can be lived in full appreciation of how blessed we are from God.

Community Service at Bishop Canevin is about giving back to the community and developing the entire student. While our focus is on strong academic performance, students are encouraged to become ethical and effective leaders with a commitment to the community.

All Bishop Canevin students are required to complete 25 hours of service each school year. Ten (10) of these hours must include participation in our community outreach program – Magis Moments. Students may also complete their service requirements through approved summer immersion programs or mission trips. The Magis Moments service hours are to be completed outside of a student’s normal instructional hours – after school, weekends, school holidays, summer vacation. In partnership with Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh and other pre-approved agencies, students will be provided opportunities for hands-on service, as they live out their commitment to charity and justice as “men and women for others.”

Here is a brief list of some of the fine organizations in which Bishop Canevin has worked closely with and to offer its services: Allegheny General Hospital, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Central Blood Bank, Children’s Hospital, Crafton Public Library, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Heartland Hospice, Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, Love Walk for the Poor, Marian Manor, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, National Right to Life, Pittsburgh Pirates Charities, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium, R-Word, Ronald McDonald House and the Western PA Humane Society.