Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy

The JVLA is a learning community, part of the rich heritage of Jesuit schools dating back 450 years. Today there are nearly 50,000 students in the United States and 400,000 throughout the world engaged in Jesuit education. The JVLA is designed to use the interactive power of the Internet to harness the collaborative capacity of this network of Jesuit secondary schools.

Bishop Canevin is making JVLA courses available to our scholars as a means of providing the most extensive list of course options that will enable them to pursue interests that help them grow intellectually, spiritually and socially. JVLA teachers are seasoned educators from Jesuit high schools throughout the United States. They are certified in the subject area in which they are teaching, and have gone through extensive training in the development and delivery of online courses.

Instruction Format

Courses are designed around a series of learning modules that students complete together. Though the delivery will be different, just like the traditional classroom, there will be lectures, discussions, projects, reading assignments, and more. Much of the work is done independently on students’ own time utilizing learning tools (discussion boards, blogs, wikis, group projects) that are participatory in nature. There will be occasions when students gather online at the same time for live discussions, teacher instruction and guest lectures.

Time Commitment

These courses are designed to be challenging. Students can expect to commit the same amount of time to a JVLA course as they would any other.


Classmates are young men and women from Jesuit schools around the country. The courses are meant to be interactive experiences. As such, it is the shared responsibility of all of the class participants, both students and teacher, to build a rich learning community.


Bishop Canevin pays the membership fee to belong to JVLA. However, each course has a separate cost which is not included in Bishop Canevin’s tuition. While exact costs per course have not yet been finalized, the approximate range will be $375 for a full year course, $260 for a semester course. The cost/s of the course are added to the student’s Smart tuition account.

Some important points:

  • Students may select only one course to replace a current elective (semester or full-year). Or, students may select only one course in addition to their current elective selections. Students may not take JVLA courses to replace Bishop Canevin core courses that are required in our curriculum.
  • Students who select a course to replace a current elective will be “unscheduled” for a period during the school day. This time may be used in the library or computer lab for quiet study or to work online.
  • Like any other BC course, all course work, written work, projects, etc. must be completed with maximum effort and on time.
  • All JVLA courses will be treated as additions to the Bishop Canevin curriculum. All grades will be issued by the JVLA instructor four times per year with bi-weekly grade updates. Quarter grades will be posted on Report Cards and used when determining the BC Honor Roll. Final grades will be averaged into the overall Bishop Canevin QPA and posted to transcripts. Courses will be weighted according to the BC scale as noted.
  • Once enrolled, students may drop the course without penalty during the first week only and will receive full reimbursement. After the first week, no refunds will be issued and the course will post to the BC transcript marked as “Withdrawn.” Students may not withdraw from JVLA courses after the fourth week of classes.

For further information, contact Mrs. Natalie Liptak in the BC Counseling Center at 412.922.7400 x 238.

Available Courses

Courses offered for the upcoming year include:

  • A Catholic Perspective on Economics
  • AP Art History
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Music Theory
  • AP Psychology
  • Beginning Arabic
  • Beginning Mandarin
  • Themes in the American Experience
  • C++ Programming
  • Latin American Studies
  • Multimedia Authorship
  • African-American Studies
  • American Dream Deferred
  • Introduction to Astronomy
  • Digital Photography
  • Genocide and the Holocaust