Tuition, Fees & Assistance

Tuition rates for the 2016-17 school year are as follows:

Both Catholic and non-Catholic students: $10,400
Second student: $9,900
Third student: Special financial considerations.

International Students:  $11,400

Activity Fee  – $395 per student / $650 maximum per family
Senior Graduation Fee  – $100
Fundraising Fee  – $250 per family**

** With the fundraising fee, each family will be entitled to two Night at the Races tickets and two Crusader Auction Gala tickets. Plus all students receive free admission at all home athletic events.



We are aware that many families make serious financial sacrifices to ensure that their children receive a  first-class education. At Bishop Canevin, we believe that a quality Catholic education should be available to all who genuinely desire it and, therefore, we offer a variety of financial aid and scholarship programs to accomplish this end.
For  2016-17:
* 145 students received financial aid
* 119 families received financial aid
* 49% of the student body received financial aid
* $479,500 was the total amount of aid awarded (Average of $3300 per student)
*$143,400 additional scholarships were awarded

 Tuition Assistance / Financial Aid Programs

Any family who is able to demonstrate financial need becomes eligible for financial assistance. Awards are determined through an application process in which FACTS (formerly PSAS) evaluates the degree and extent of family need.  Click here for the online FACTS tuition aid application.

School-Based Aid

School-based aid is distributed to families who demonstrate financial need through the FACTS application process. Awards vary depending upon available funds, number of applicants, etc.

Bishop’s Education Fund

This is an endowed fund through the Bishop’s Education Foundation. Interest earned on the principle balance of this fund will be distributed each year for education grants. In order to receive a grant, financial need must be demonstrated through application to the FACTS tuition aid application. In 2016-17, several Bishop Canevin Catholic students active in a diocesan parish were awarded scholarships through the BEF. Scholarships averaged over $350 per student.

The pastor’s signature, acknowledging active enrollment in a diocesan parish, is required on the FACTS (formerly PSAS) application for those who wish to receive a grant from the Bishop’s Education Fund.

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (E.I.T.C.)

A state program established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which allows businesses to contribute state tax dollars to established scholarship funds. The Diocese of Pittsburgh has established the S.O.S. Fund which distributes E.I.T.C. and O.S.T.C. scholarships to needy families without regard to race, color, sex, religion, or national origin. Interested applicants must demonstrate need within the salary limits specified. Application through FACTS online application must be made.

The Opportunity Scholastic Credit Program (O.S.T.C.)

Similar to the E.I.T.C. program, the O.S.T.C. program was established by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assist those families residing within the boundaries of “low-achieving” schools in the bottom 15% of achievement as determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Parents must submit with their FACTS Financial Aid application a copy of the letter received from their “low-achieving” public school district. (2016-17 low-achieving districts included, Pittsburgh Public Schools and Carlynton School District)

O.S.T.C. grants will depend upon meeting financial guidelines and the amount of donations received.

Maximum Annual Household Incomes for both E.I.T.C. & O.S.T.C. Programs:

$91,620 per family with one dependent
$106,890 per family with two dependents
$122,160 per family with three dependents
Add $15,00 per additional dependent

Questions regarding financial aid or tuition may be directed to our Business Office (412.922.7400) Mrs. Lisa Durbin, Business Manager (x 216) or Mrs. Judi Palastro, Bookkeeper (x 217).