St. Ignatius Scholars Program

BC-CANEVIN-WEB-FIREThe St. Ignatius Scholars program at Bishop Canevin High School was created to enhance our present values and mission of inspiring students to lead lives “anchored in faith, enhanced through learning and enriched through service to others.” It exists for those exceptional students who have the ability and desire to pursue excellence in their academic endeavors, while searching for experiences that allow them to more deeply develop a greater appreciation for the wonder and mystery of God’s creation in a world dominated by turmoil, hatred, natural disasters, poverty, greed and evil of all kinds.

Ultimately, the St. Ignatius Scholars Program will provide a vision to inspire and motivate its members to be 21st Century Catholic leaders as “men and women for others” whose purpose is to effectively transform a world that is often in opposition to Gospel values. It will form students who are ready and willing to critically examine contemporary world problems, to confront the imperfect realities of the world, to formulate a Christ-like mindset to serve, to explore solutions that reflect Gospel values, and to search for opportunities and career paths in which they can “go and set the world on fire.”

Incoming freshmen who meet the qualifications are invited to apply. Competitive candidates must present these five credentials:

  1. a solid record of high grades demonstrating an ability to handle Honors-level courses
  2. a composite score on the Bishop Canevin Placement Exam in the 90th percentile  or higher and/or a composite score on the grade school Iowa Tests(or comparable) in the 93rd percentile or higher
  3. an in-school essay demonstrating proficiency in ability to write in a  coherent and cohesive manner  using grade-level vocabulary
  4. an interview with the Program Director to present sample quality work from grade school and to determine level of candidate interest and serious approach to studies
  5. two recommendations from grade school teachers / administrators

Students accepted to the St. Ignatius Scholars Program pursue excellence in all of their work as scholars. They are part of a unique learning community who will partake in a rigorous academic curriculum centered on excellence, high intellectual and academic study, the development of effective communication skills, a moral discernment reflecting Catholic values, and a transforming commitment to social justice.

In the upperclassmen years, Scholars will actively participate in a directed course of studies tailored to their individual skills, abilities and interests. Self-discovery will be emphasized as they become learners and explorers who have grown independently in their own unique field of interest within the fine arts, math and sciences, social sciences, business and technology, or theology