On Wednesday, May 15th, the Bishop Canevin Book Club competed in the Pittsburgh English Festival, a city-wide competition at LaRoche University. The event was based around the teams’ knowledge of six predetermined novels. Specific competitions included trivia, impromptu speaking, and acting.


The team of Susan Skindzier, Luke Verdun, Rowan Creely, Lindsey Cable and Fionn Hites placed 1st in two of the events and 2nd in the final event. Congratulations Crusaders!


Hey future Crusaders!


School's almost out and we know you'll want fun activities to add to your summer agenda... So what better way to spend your summer than with Bishop Canevin's Musical Theater and the Boys and Girls Basketball & Soccer Teams? We have a wonderful line-up of camps for students to pursue their passions and meet new friends! So REGISTER TODAY for Bishop Canevin's summer camps and secure a spot! 



Grade levels:

B&G Musical Theater: 5th-8th grade

B&G Soccer: 3-8th grade

Girls Basketball: 5-8th grade



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