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Mission and Values

Mission Statement

Bishop Canevin High School, a Catholic, college preparatory school dedicated to the education of young men and women in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, prepares students for a life anchored in Faith, a life enlightened by Learning, and a life committed to the promotion of Charity and Justice. Through a holistic educational approach that is intellectually challenging, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and aligned with the principles of Ignatian spirituality, the school challenges students to life-long learning and growth in a spirit of “competence, conscience and compassion” as young men and women in service of others.

The Pillars

Our Pillars work to ensure Cura Personalis (Care of the Whole Person) for all members of our School Community.



At Bishop Canevin we are committed to enriching our students with the fullness of our Catholic traditions through intellectual growth, personal and community prayer, the celebration of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation, yearly retreats and service.



At Bishop Canevin we emphasize being an active part of our school community.  We work to allow our students the opportunity to learn about our Jesuits on which to build a foundation of encouragement and support on.  Students are encouraged to cheer each other on, meet as houses, work collaboratively to complete various tasks, or challenges as houses, and most importantly develop relationships that foster lifelong friendships..


Lifelong Learning

We prepare our students for the future by teaching them to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and technologically literate individuals.  We strive to encore various learning opportunities about various cultures, learning about various challenges our area is facing and how we can help (homelessness, hunger, addiction, etc),as well as learning about what our community excels in, learning about future career opportunities, etc.


Pursuit of our Passions

Our students are encouraged to pursue their passions while they are here at Bishop Canevin.  Numerous members of our student body participate in at least one extracurricular activity through clubs, athletics, and service. In our environment, students discover the shared values that bind them together. This same concept is a key part to our house day away events where we strive to make a positive difference in the world around us, as well as share our passions with one another.


Person for Others

The Gospel commands us to love our neighbor and at Bishop Canevin, our students put their beliefs into action, serving the lonely, hungry, homeless, sick, and mentally ill. Each House conducts a year-long service project designed to have a true, measurable impact on improving the lives of others. In addition to the House Service initiatives each student is required to complete 25 service hours (15 regular, 10 Magis)


The Bishop Canevin High School Community values, cherishes and promotes


Our Catholic Identity

We are committed to the Christian education of our young men and women rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. We seek to provide opportunities for all to be living witnesses of their faith.


Christian Community

We strive to build a school community founded upon the call of Jesus Christ to be people of love and life. We work to promote individual integrity, social responsibility, and a Christian response to the secular culture of our time.


The Pursuit of Excellence

We embrace the challenge to distinguish ourselves academically, creatively and spiritually. We endeavor to inspire our students to reach their fullest potential, using all their God-given gifts and abilities.



We acknowledge that all persons, created in the image and likeness of God, are worthy of dignity, respect and reverence. We regard all creation as sacred, deserving our respect, protection and personal care.


Social Justice

We foster the need to confront social injustices and strive to build a community that reaches out to those who are less fortunate. We labor beneath the banner “To Be a Person for Others.”


Life-Long Learning

We seek to maintain a learning environment committed to providing for the needs of our students in a rapidly changing, technologically advanced society. We are committed to providing the skills necessary for responsible decision-making, leadership, critical thinking, healthy competition, and ongoing spiritual formation for success throughout life’s journey.


Teaching Philosophy

Bishop Canevin High School is a Catholic, diocesan, co-educational, college-preparatory institution committed to serving students of varied abilities and backgrounds.



















We participate in the total mission of the Catholic Church by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and by creating a Christian environment of men and women in service to others. We foster the spiritual growth of our students by integrating them into a community where Catholic beliefs, values, and morals are professed, taught, and experienced. We strive to form graduates who will be outstanding moral and ethical leaders in the communities in which they live, work and worship.


We challenge students to strive for academic excellence, as critical thinkers and effective communicators, while recognizing that each student is a valued individual with unique abilities, insights and needs. We instill in students the appreciation of education as a life-long endeavor.


We inspire students to live life responsibly, guided by the precepts of Catholic social teaching and seek to awaken in them an awareness of the injustices in our global society. We challenge them to labor with and for others in building a more just world.


We provide an environment where students learn to make responsible choices which demonstrate an awareness, appreciation and respect for the dignity and sanctity of all life, particularly their own. We view our educational mission as a cooperative venture with parents, alumni, local parishes and the broader community.


Michael Joyce



(412)-922-7400 ext. 3002


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