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Arrupe Virtual Learning Academy (AVLI)

Interested in learning Mandarin? Want to delve into Latin America Studios? Or perhaps you want to learn about Astronomy. Students can explore these options and more through the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute. 


Online courses in a variety of subject areas are offered to recommended Junior and Senior students through the AVLI. AVLI courses are taught by educators throughout the United States who are certified in the subject area in which they are teaching, and have gone through extensive training in the development and delivery of online courses.


Students enrolled in AVLI courses will participate in lectures, discussions, projects, and assessments online. Much of the work is done independently on students’ own time utilizing learning tools (discussion boards, blogs, wikis, group projects) that depend on active participation. When possible, students will be provided the opportunity to pursue their AVLI course work during the school day during a free period. There will also be occasions when students gather online at the same time for live discussions, teacher instruction, and guest lectures.


AVLI courses are designed to be challenging and are appropriate for students capable of succeeding in honors-level courses or above. To be recommended for enrollment in a AVLI course, students must have previously demonstrated good time management skills, self-discipline, and willingness to accept responsibility for their own learning.


Only courses not currently offered at Bishop Canevin HS are open for enrollment through the AVLI program. At times, when course scheduling conflicts occur, students may be permitted to enroll in a AVLI course to replace a desired course. However, only students who have demonstrated exceptional learning skills and have been recommended by their teacher and guidance counselor will be permitted to enroll.

Bishop Canevin offers the following courses through the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute:

AP Art History

AP Calculus BC

AP Computer Science

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics

AP Music Theory

AP Psychology

AP World History

AP Human Geography

AP Environmental Science

Arabic 1



Chinese Mandarin 1

C++ Programming

Digital Photography

Genocide and the Holocaust

Italian 1

Model United Nations

Pre-Colombian Latin America

The Making of Latin America

Sean Murray

Academic Success Coordinator


(412)-922-7400 ext. 3005


Hey future Crusaders!


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Grade levels:

B&G Musical Theater: 5th-8th grade

B&G Soccer: 3-8th grade

Girls Basketball: 5-8th grade



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