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SAT/ACT Testing

Please note that our school is NOT an SAT/ACT testing site, choose from the list that is provided on the SAT/ACT site.




SAT scores help colleges/universities compare students from different high schools. Your scores show your strengths and readiness for college work. Many colleges publicize the average SAT score of their admitted students. This allows you to see how your score compares with those of the students at the colleges you are considering. It allows you to consider other colleges that have similar test-score distributions. These standardized test scores are just one part of your college application. Additionally, colleges will look at your grades, course rigor, and teacher recommendations. 


The ACT is important to colleges/universities because admissions officers use it to judge your academic preparedness for college. In addition to being a college admissions exam, the ACT includes a profile and education/career planning section to help you plan for life after high school. You will receive personalized career information and develop a comprehensive profile that tells colleges about your work in high school and future plans.



Naviance is our College and Career Readiness software that students can utilize throughout their time here at BC. Each student has their own Naviance profile and can use the many tools available on the site to help narrow down their college and career options. Naviance also houses important student documents during a student’s Senior year, such as transcripts and teacher recommendations.

College Fairs

Each fall we hold our annual College/Career Fair, offering two different dates with approximately 12 to 15 Colleges/Universities, Military, and/or trade schools attending. Juniors and Seniors are able to come walk through the fair during their lunch period to meet with admission counselors and recruiters. We also have College/Career visits throughout the spring. Information is also shared when the National College Fair is in town. Students and parents will be notified via email when the Fair will be taking place. 

Career Day

Bishop Canevin High School’s annual Career Day is an opportunity for students to connect with successful alumni and gain valuable insights into different fields of work. With an impressive alumni base, students can benefit from the guidance and mentorship of those who have gone before them. The event provides a platform for alumni to share their career paths and experiences, and inspire students to explore new avenues. The networking opportunities at Career Day are invaluable, allowing students to make meaningful connections with industry professionals and potentially open doors for future opportunities. Bishop Canevin’s commitment to connecting students with successful alumni is a testament to their dedication to providing a well-rounded education and preparing students for success beyond graduation.

College Visits

School Counselor Stephanie Miller is committed to helping students explore their post-secondary options. During the school year, she invites representatives from colleges and universities to visit the school and meet with interested students during their lunch periods. These sit-down conversations and informational sessions provide valuable insights into the schools’ programs, admissions requirements, and campus life. By attending these sessions, students can gain a better understanding of their options and make informed decisions about their future. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the schools you’re interested in and start planning for your future today!

Financial Aid and Scholarships Beyond

Scholarship opportunities will be sent out to students and parents via email. Seniors are also encouraged to check the scholarship pages on any college/university’s website that they are applying to for any opportunities they qualify for. 

Stephanie Miller 

School Counselor 


(412)-922-7400 ext. 3006


Hey future Crusaders!


School's almost out and we know you'll want fun activities to add to your summer agenda... So what better way to spend your summer than with Bishop Canevin's Musical Theater and the Boys and Girls Basketball & Soccer Teams? We have a wonderful line-up of camps for students to pursue their passions and meet new friends! So REGISTER TODAY for Bishop Canevin's summer camps and secure a spot! 



Grade levels:

B&G Musical Theater: 5th-8th grade

B&G Soccer: 3-8th grade

Girls Basketball: 5-8th grade



For more details and registration CLICK HERE!