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Performing Arts

Visual Arts

The Art department courses provide the opportunity for students to learn about and then creatively express themselves through various art methods and materials. Basic concepts and historical overviews are presented in the required freshman course of Art Fundamentals. Other classes are electives that may be taken by general and serious students who meet the class prerequisites.


The MUSIC department’s courses are designed for participation by all students. Some courses do not require prior experience; others require prior experience and/or approval of the Music Director.

Performing Arts

Since 1962, Bishop Canevin High School has been putting on a musical production each year, usually at the end of April. The location of these productions is the gymnasium, affectionately called the “gymitorium”. Because Canevin does not have drama classes, the musical is the school’s sole theatre activity. All students are welcome to participate, and there are many groups they can join, but the main three are the Cast, Stage Crew, and Lighting Crew. Rehearsals and crew sessions take place 3-4 times per week, starting in January and continuing through the end of April/mid-May. Parents volunteer by helping with Stage Crew and costumes, and faculty and staff voluntarily run front of house. The Cast, Stage Crew, and Lighting Crew are run by several adults – including Canevin faculty. However, the students are the true backbone of the musical. Under careful instruction and with gentle guidance, they are responsible for putting everything together. Students learn valuable skills like public speaking, memorizing lines, how to use power tools, rewire lights, run cues, and much more.


For students who can’t make the time commitment to the cast or crews but would like to help out, they are welcome to do so the week of the show. Students can be ushers in which they collect tickets and escort audience members to their seats. They can also help with concessions, selling tickets, and monitoring parking. There’s a place in the musical for everyone! By the end, all those involved are officially members of the ”Play Family”.

Marching Crusaders

Music is a key component to the Crusader Mindset of Bishop Canevin. Whether we use the subject in the classroom, during a pep rally, prior to a game, or on the stage, each Crusader applies music to their life at Canevin.


At Bishop Canevin High School, we offer a variety of music courses including Instrumental Music, Voice Class, and AP Music Theory (AVI). The Music department’s courses are designed for participation by all students. Some courses do not require prior experience; others require prior experience and/or approval of the Music Director. 


One of the classes offered by Bishop Canevin’s Musical experience is The Marching Crusaders. Not only is the Marching Crusaders a class, but it’s a group of band players who perform at varsity football games, spirit assemblies, and community events during the first semester of the school year. Rehearsals begin in late June and run throughout the summer. The Musicians are players of brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments as well as an electronic “pit” of keyboard, guitar, and bass. Students in both Marching Crusaders and Concert Band receive the “Honors” distinction. Marching Crusaders Director: Mr. Tony Tresky.

Karen Kennedy 

Art Teacher



Andy Folmer 

BC Musical Director 



Tony Tresky

BC Marching Crusaders Director 




Hey future Crusaders!


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Grade levels:

B&G Musical Theater: 5th-8th grade

B&G Soccer: 3-8th grade

Boys Basketball: 4-8th grade

Girls Basketball: 5-8th grade



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