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St. Ignatius Scholars Program

The St. Ignatius Scholars program at Bishop Canevin High School enhances the school mission to inspire students to lead lives “anchored in Faith, enlightened by Learning, and committed to the promotion of Charity and Justice.” It exists for those exceptional students who have the ability and desire to pursue excellence in their academic endeavors while embracing opportunities to develop a greater appreciation for the wonder and glory of God’s creation.

Program Overview & Benefits




The St. Ignatius Scholars Program will help form students who are ready and willing to critically examine contemporary world problems, to confront the imperfect realities of the world, to formulate a Christ-like mindset to serve others, and to explore solutions that reflect Gospel values. Students are encouraged to seek opportunities through which they can live out the words of St. Ignatius of Loyola to “Go forth and set the world on fire.”

Students accepted to the St. Ignatius Scholars Program will be part of a unique learning community, challenging themselves to do all things Ad Majorem Dei Glorium — for the greater glory of God. Scholars will partake in a rigorous academic curriculum, expand their horizons through enrichment opportunities and exposure to engaging speakers, and take part in discussions focusing on moral discernment, reflecting on how their Catholic faith dictates their future actions.









Program Requirements:

  • Completion of a minimum of 15 credits in Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) level courses by the end of the senior year.

  • Three years of world language studies at Bishop Canevin HS.

  • Maintenance of Honor Roll status each quarter throughout all four years of high school.

  • Exemplary conduct record.

  • Participation in SISP speaker series and outside enrichments followed by written reflections on these events.


Benefits of Participation in the St. Ignatius Scholars Program include:


  • The opportunity to engage in enrichment opportunities tailored to the students’ abilities, skills, and interests. Recent SISP enrichment opportunities have included observation of open heart surgery and participation in a refuge simulation event.

  • Distinction with honor at BCHS awards ceremony, commencement, and baccalaureate mass as well as an indication on the student’s official school transcript and diploma that they have participated in the program.

At the conclusion of their senior year, scholars make formal presentations to the Bishop Canevin community, reflecting on how the program has impacted them over their four years of high school and how they intend to apply what they have learned in their future endeavors.


Denise Streeter

St. Ignatius Scholars Moderator




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