Builds on the skills explored and mastered in Media Productions 1. The course is designed for the study and practice of the advanced elements of broadcast journalism and video production as well as newspaper journalism. The students will continue to produce biweekly news broadcasts while expanding their digital stories into print by producing two issues per semester of the Leonid Newspaper. The course will emphasize advanced skills in news-gathering, writing, video recording, editing, interviewing, photography, design, and the study of mass media for both print and digital production. The students will act as advisers and hold upper level positions in the world of digital video and television production. They will continue to work with professional equipment in a modern TV studio while learning the advanced skills of studio and field production, lighting, and sound. Simultaneously the students will continue to produce, design, and layout the print newspaper using Adobe Suite programs such as InDesign and Photoshop. Students will work collaboratively to produce projects, articles, and broadcasts. They will continue to develop their understanding of digital and newspaper writing and how to expand digital copy into print copy. Students will not only work in class, but there will also be after-school time for news coverage and publication processes.


Departmental Approval