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A Person for Others

Developing into “persons for others” is an integral part of the school’s mission. The community service program seeks to help students live out Jesus’ call to love our neighbor and take seriously the Church’s social teaching as they identify, understand and address various needs within their neighborhood communities. Every BC student has an obligation to complete 25 service hours by May 1 st of each school year. A minimum of 10 of those hours must include Magis Moments, defined as hands-on service to individuals most in need. For example, students can volunteer at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, etc. to fulfill their Magis hours. All hours are to be completed outside of a normal instructional day – after school, on weekends, during school holidays or during summer vacation. Service opportunities are posted on the school’s website, and churches, community, centers, and local non-profits are also excellent resources for finding locations and opportunities.

Christian Service Involves Charity and Justice


As we work towards bringing about a more just and loving world, the Church is clear that both charitable works (i.e. providing food, clothing, shelter) and the work of justice (i.e. addressing root causes of problems, advocating for more just policies and social structures) complement one another. As a result, opportunities in which students learn about various social inequities and how to engage in advocacy, provided this work aligns with Catholic Social Teaching, may also qualify towards fulfillment of service hours.

Examples could include participating in the Arrupe Summit through the Ignatian Solidarity Network (see Mrs. Charlotte Smith for more info on this) or contacting elected officials via letter-writing projects at a local parish. Please approve this type of experience through the campus ministry office prior to completing it in order to ensure it fits within our BC mission.

The Purpose of The Annual Mission Trip

Students, parents, faculty, and alumni of Bishop Canevin High School participate in an annual week-long Mission Trip to serve individuals in need in the Washington County area. The trip is typically scheduled for the last week of June/first week of July each summer.

Students who participate in the school Mission Trip work side-by-side with those being served through agencies such as Washington County Habitat for Humanity, the Washington City Mission, and the Highland Ridge Community Development Agency. Students have helped build houses, renovate and repair homes, restore a community garden, and prepare and serve food to homeless individuals.


Each year BC students spend a week in service and reflection during their summer break. They give their time and energy to work to help various organizations in Southwest PA. They have worked with Habitat for Humanity, the Greater Washington Food Bank, and the Washington City Mission. They are hosted by Immaculate Conception Parish, JFK Catholic School, and Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, PA. 


Mission Trip participants stay on-site during the week, using the dorms at Washington & Jefferson College and the facilities at the W&J Catholic Newman Center.  Evening spiritual development includes prayer, group discussion, reflection on the day’s work, Eucharistic adoration, and the celebration of mass, all of which strengthen the participants’ faith life as well.


The Mission Trip participants return with a strong sense of community and camaraderie formed by working together during the week-long experience.  It provides the opportunity for all members of the Bishop Canevin school community – students, faculty, parents, and alumni – to bond together in service to those in need and to share their Catholic faith with each other.

Parent Involvement

While service hours are mandatory for the students, we hope as guardians of your students you will want to be involved too. Most of the service opportunities listed for the students also allow adult involvement as well. In fact, some service opportunities your student may want to be involved in mandates an individual adult be with them, like serving at the humane society in Pittsburgh. Please consider participating with your student in service as it is a great opportunity to get involved in your local community as well as help your student complete their service requirement.

Charlotte Smith

Service Hour Contact




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