Bishop Canevin High School is a college preparatory school. The courses offered are selected and arranged to equip the student with the knowledge and skills required to continue his/her education at the post-secondary level. To achieve this goal of providing a solid preparation for college, Bishop Canevin requires sequential programs in six major subject areas: Religion, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and World Languages. This basic program is supplemented by courses required / offered throughout the four years in Fine Arts, Physical Education & Health, and Business & Technology.

The curriculum at Bishop Canevin is a demanding one. The student is expected to pursue a course of study that will reinforce critical thinking, problem solving skills and comprehension development. Therefore, every course is taught as college preparatory, challenging the student to work with increasing independence over the four years.

Honors level courses are taught at an accelerated pace to challenge the academically competent student who is able to pursue in-depth study and who is willing to spend extra time outside of class working independently. For those students ready, able and willing to do college level work, College-in-High-School (CIHS) and Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses are provided. In order to benefit from these courses, the student is required to take responsibility for extensive reading and writing assignments as independent study.