Prayer List

Bishop Canevin High School’s
Prayer and In Memoriam List

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Please pray for the speedy and complete recovery of the following
Bishop Canevin Alumni, family members and friends:

Sandy Darnley – sister of Valerie Stasik ’64

Frances Fink

Rob Finnegan – husband of teacher, Diane Finnegan

Philip and Anna Mae Frick

Tom Graziani – son of Elizabeth (Hungerman) Graziani ’68

Lynne (Cannoy) Knecht ’68

Nina (Loniero) Kovanis ’68

Bob Marshall ’73

Rita Meister – mother of teacher, Rita Yunker

Anita Riley ’70

David Sams

Eric Skirbin, the husband of Amy Skribin ’95 was diagnosed with ALS in 2011 and is currently on hospice care. Here is a GoFundMe.Com Website if you’d like to support the family – prayers are most appreciated too

Kevin Walters – BC Girls Volleyball Coach – diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma

Daniel  Zappa ’90 – diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM)

In Memoriam

May the Lord grant eternal rest to the following beautiful souls
of these Bishop Canevin Alumni and community members.
May He bring peaceful comfort to their loving families and friends.

Please hold these BC family and friends close in your prayers.



Pia (Stiles) Kratovel, ’67, Bernard J. Stiles, ’63.


Rock Rauterkus father of Rock Rauterkus ’17, Stephen “Jack” Rusnak father of Sharon (Rusnak) Gaitens ’85 and grandfather of Connor Gaitens ’17 and Coulton Gaitens ’19.



Bonnie Brannen Agostino ’65, Jill Clare Butler ’07, William Joseph Campbell ’69, Mark Damiani ’78, Michael Dougan ’68, John Raymond Laux ’73, Richard McNally ’69, Bernie Parente ’65, David Peduto ’72, Sam Perri ’76, Jeff Podurgiel ’79, John Ramsey ’81, Richard Romano ’91, Diane Roney ’72, Frank Tokar ’63.


Richard Aland father of Kim ’12, Christine ’16, and Janet ’16 Aland, Leon Bonds father of Julian ’17, Sydney ’17, and Walter ’17 Bonds, brother-in-law of Bishop Canevin Librarian, Susan Rakaczky, and uncle of Charles Rakaczky ’18, Rosalie Grasha mother (and prayers for father Matthew) of Mary Grasha Houpt ’76, Randy Hatcher father of Randy Hatcher ’17, Kathleen Moeller (former Spanish teacher), William Noel father of Bishop Canevin’s Chaplain, Fr. Brian NoelMary Elizabeth “Mae” O’Connell mother of James “Bear” O’Connell ’65, Shane Phillips – son of Kevin ’97 and Kimberly (Girvin) ’97 Phillips, Sr. Marietta Ruhe, CDP (former teacher), Peter Shaw father of Alex ’10 and Rachel ’14. Mr. Shaw’s wife, Cheryl, is the cousin of former guidance counselor, Mary Burello.


Alumni: Robert King ’63, Terry Bott ’64, Ron Lach ’64, Marianne Joy (Tamulinas) Petrelli ’72, Rev. Dennis Colamarino ’65, Barbara Ann Conniff ’65, Timothy Geyer ’65, Kathy Johnston ’65, Barbara Jean Fons Parrish ’65, Mark Murray ’66, Raymond Klimko ’67,  James L. Lageman, 67, Richard Yokim ’67,  Alfred Midgley III ’68John Rellich ’68, Patricia (Henney) Yurchak ’71, William “Bill’ Morton ’73, Lois (Joos) Sanctis ’73, Bob Conway ’78, Donna Jean (Urbanek) Dissen ’79, Marian Grant Armstrong ’80, Patrick Naughton ’93, Frank L. Impavido ’64, Denise (Marano) Feil ’84, Maura Grace Schwab ’04. Stefanie Joy Haller ’00.


Francis J. “Hank” Blumling – father of Wayne ’76, Karen Byerly ’79 and grandfather of Jimmy ’11 and Madison Byerly ’17; Celeste Defrank, sister of Angela ’11, Caroline ’14 and Dante ’15; Rosemarie Flavin beloved mother of Daniel ’74, Patricia Gross ‘77, Kathleen O’Brien ’78 and Nancy Crist ’81; Patti Goulding – Miss Patti choreographed 11 School Musicals in the late 70s and early 80s (1975 Mame, 1976 Guys and Dolls, 1977 Brigadoon, 1978 Music Man, 1979 Bye Bye Birdie, 1980 Oliver!, 1982 West Side Story, 1983 Li’l Abner, 1984 Pippin, 1985 Godspell and 1986 Hello, Dolly!), David Kiel – beloved father of BC Alums Gerard ‘Jerry’ Kiel ’77, Marcia Kiel Crowley ‘79 and Susan Kiel McCaffrey ’81 and grandfather of Colleen ’03, Kelly ’06 and Daniel ‘09; Eleanor Mae (Keener) Midgley beloved mother of Mary Jo Midgley Speer,’64, Mary Patricia Midgley Fornal ’65, the late Alfred III ’68, Mary Anne Midgley Bechtel ’69, Mary Eleanor Midgley Erwin, Edwin ’76, Mary Michelle Midgley ’77, mother-in-law of Teri Midgley,’76 and grandmother Brad Midgley 99, Nina Midgley ’07, Mike Midgely ’06 and Nick Midgley ‘09; Mary Jane Rosepink – age 95 (former teacher), Joseph A. Vater – beloved father of Charles “Chuck” ’67.

2016 Prayer Requests from
Bishop Canevin’s BC Blitz Spring Campaign

Mrs. Elizabeth Allemang – Jack Bonaccorsi and the Mackulin family; Ms. Courtney Amrhein – For Marge Amrhein; Mr. Patrick Bailey – For the health of Dorothy Bailey; Mr. and Mrs. Walter & Michelle Baker – Peace and prosperity for the Balobeck families; Ms. Toni Marie Barbagallo – Peace; Mrs. Virginia Begansky – For world peace and the souls of husband John Begansky, parents Joe & Mary Berish, parents in-law John & Anna Begansky, and nephew Austin McCracken; Mrs. Patricia Bellucci-Wagner – For the prayer intentions of the Bellucci and Wagner families; Ms. Judie Bernardi – For the Bernardi family and friends; Mr. Lawrence Berner – Good health for Wayne Hufnagel; Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bezila – For John R. Morgan; Mrs. Julie Bigley Foresman – For the deceased members of the Bigley and Foresman families; Ms. Christine Breakwell – In memory of my dearly departed husband David Thomas Breakwell; Ms. Catherine Brousseau – For the sick, homeless, and for peace in the world; Mr. Kenneth Buckley – For George & Julia Buckley; Mrs. Phyllis Cain – For the poor in our country; Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Trish Caton – For Sarah’s knee to heal as well as her other knee, and she is back on the court soon; Mr. and Mrs. Stan and Nancy Cieslak – In memory of Elizabeth Cieslak; Ms. Rosemary Cillo – Better health; Mr. Daniel P. Cillo – Peter & Kay Cillo; Mr. and Mrs. Nick and Melody Coholic – For our country and for a christian President; Mr. and Mrs. Jon & Kathy Comis – Mrs. Edith Comis; Ms. Mary Ann Cox – For an end to cancer; Ms. Lisa Cusick – For the living and deceased members of the Cusick and Blefere families; Mr. Patrick Cusick – For all fighting their last battle on earth and those caring for them; Ms. Sondra Dahlberg – For our military, both active and retired; Mr. and Mrs. Rob & Shirl D’Amico – for the healing and ease of suffering of Patricia Lheureau, recently diagnosed with ALS; Mrs. Sharon DeNardo – for Barbara Clipperich & Dolores DeNardo; Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore & Pauline DeSimone – For the spiritual and physical well being of our family; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony & Kathryn DeSimone – Blessings for Zach in his endeavors in college; Dr. Phillip Dias-Mandoly – For children to be safe; Mr. and Mrs. Denny and Jony Doak – For all deceased family members; Mr. James Droney – For the Scanlon & Droney extended families; Mrs. Carol Durbin – our country, good health for my family, peaceful death; Ms. Marlene Duttine – For my son Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Mike & Mary Jane Dytko – Mr. Bazyli R. Dytko; Mr. and Mrs. Norman & Joanne Ebeck – For family health; Mrs. Marjorie Ehni – For my son who has ALS; Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Diane Fabry – For all those that serve our country to stay safe; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Fabry – For good health for Amanda, Mark, Luke, Jane, and Steve Fabry; Mr. and Mrs. Phillip & Ruthann Falconi – For Rocco & Massimo Falconi; Ms. Shannon Fenney – For the living and deceased members of the Feeney/Cusick Family, and Michael Davis and all other victims of cancer; Mr. and Mrs. Ron & Lois Ferrie – For good health and peace in the family; Mrs. Zita (Palmosina) Findlay – For Zita Palmosina (worked in cafeteria); Dr. Beverly Frank – For Janice Ferrie; Mr. Jason Froehlich – For healing and comfort for William Froehlich who has cancer; Mrs. Janice Funyak – For Jim and Janice’s health; Mr. Charles F. Gaita – For good health for my brother Tom Gaita; Ms. Aimee Garay – For our troops and veterans, for those with medical issues and mental health concerns, and for world peace; Mr. and Mrs. Ray and Cindy Geary – For the family of Mike Toliver, who has passed away; Mr. and Mrs. Regis Gill – Blessings and thanksgiving for the staff and students of BCHS; Ms. Rose Marie Glevicky – For a cure for MS for all and to help Sr. Barbara Grag; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Govachini – Continued health for ourselves, our children and grandchildren; Ms. Cathy Gvoth – For the living & deceased members of the Anthony Debaldo family; Ms. Kelly Hart – Blessings for Megan Hart and the class of 2016; Ms. Mary Ann Hebda – For a cure for Allison and Lacey; good health for family and friends, especially Stan, Mary Ann, Ellie, Ethel, Walt, Lois, Fran, Nera; peace in the world and in our hearts; Ms. Cecelia Igims – For health & happiness for all my grandchildren; Ms. Maryann Jones – For successful hip surgery with no complications or infection; Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Julian – In memory of Julian & Zehfuss families; Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Kathleen Julian – For all those suffering with sickness or disability; Ms. Marcella Killen – For family and friends; Mrs. Shirley Killen – For Albert Killen; Mr. and Mrs. Dave & Agnes Kirsch – For our grandchildren; Mrs. Ann Knebel – For my family members who have left the church to return; Mrs. Ann Knight-Schwartzman – Peace to all; Ms. Amy Kobosky – Peace; Ms. Joan Kuzel – For my grandchildren; Mr. Daniel R. Larocco – For my son Anthony who has cancer; Mr. Dorn Leckenby – For my mother; Mrs. Maureen Leckenby – For an end to abortion; Mr. and Mrs. Roy & Carole Legleitner – For Roy Legleitner for continuing good health; Ms. Beth Leo – That all my former students may continue to grow closer to God; Mr. Paul Lowery – Bless our family; Mr. and Mrs. Gary & Sandy Macioce – For family; Ms. Lorraine Malich – John M. Malich, Anna & August Hess; Minotti J. Marasco – For Donna Marasco who has health problems; Mr. Carmen Marcelli – For Marcelli family, Aches family, and Ronnie Rossi who is ill; Mrs. Deborah Marcelli – For Donald & Charlotte Schmidt; Mrs. Lu Marcus – Pray for family; Mr. John Marks – Ann Marks; Mr. and Mrs. Gary & Anna Marks – For Ann Marks, Antonio & Enrichetta Delhellis; Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Mary – Peace; Mr. and Mrs. Tom & Patty Mayer – For the members of the Mayer & Oliver families; Mr. Harry T. McCorkle – For good grades for Domenic; Ms. Michelle McDonald – For my brothers to find full time jobs; Ms. Ellen J. McManama – For a special intention; Ms. Regina Mell – For all deceased family members and the health of all family members; Ms. Kimberly Merville – Good health; Ms. Mary Ann Merville – Good health; Mr. Michael Meyer – For the family of Tom Sruy; Ms. Michelle Milinski – For guidance, protection, and good health for Milinski and Rakaczky families; Mr. and Mrs. Walt & Nancy Milinski – For all the students and staff at Bishop Canevin High School; Ms. Janine Milinski – Members of Milinski, Gross, Bonds, Rakaczky, Parisi, & Pogozelski families; Ms. Barbara Miller – For my health and the health of my family; Ms. Joanne Milligan – For Uncle Dave, Grandma Pat & Grandpap Bob, Aunt Dee, and Uncle Frank; Ms. Anna Marie Moody – For good health; Mr. and Mrs. George Morrell – For Makalia Morrell to be healed from a concussion; Mrs. Elizabeth Mossberger – For good health; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas & Dolores Murtha – For Thomas Murtha suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and for me as his caretaker; Mrs. Barbara Muschar – For my son Steve; Ms. Christine Newman – For Zach as he begins to embark into adulthood; Iolean Novak – For the health of my loved ones; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald & Paulette Novak – Employment; Mr. and Mrs. Bob & Geonette Novak – For Sharon Novak, who has stage 4 cancer; Ms. Beverly Ochs-Pobicki – Peace on Earth; good health for all; Mr. and Mrs. Michael Olar – Christine Olar & Marcie Killen; Mrs. Gemma Owens – Health for Gemma and for Jerry, who is recently deceased; Mr. and Mrs. Tom & Dianne Palmosina – For Joe Keanney; Ms. Sara Parisi – For continued good health for my grandparents Madeline Rakaczky, Walt Milinski, and Nancy Milinski; Ms. Geralyn Perrotti – For Dedig & Perrotti family; Ms. Lori Peterson – For Craig, Linda, and Kyle Garay; Mrs. Cari Porter – For the health and safety of all children; Mr. Ed Kaunut Premier Heating & Cooling – ; Mrs. Judith Price – For the christians and other minorities in the Middle East and for the end to abortion; Mr. and Mrs. John & Mary Ann Pugliese – For George Baldauf to have better health; Mr. and Mrs. John Raffa – For good health; Mrs. Connie Rea – For my deceased husband Luigi Rea; Ms. Sharon R. Reynolds – For the Cusick family; Ms. Anita Richter – For a safe trip for me, and bless my son & his girlfriend; Ms. Luanne Ricketts – For our country; Mr. and Mrs. Bill & Sharon Ricketts – Love & support for Pope Francis as he shows the world God’s message by his words and actions; Mrs. Jen Roach – Mr. & Mrs. Zupansic; Mr. Larry Saitta – For Corisa Saitta who has epilpsy; Mr. and Mrs. George Saut – For Bella’s grandmother Andrea Adams who has breast cancer; Ms. Lisa Scanlon – For Mom & baby Scanlon; Ms. Christy Schor – For world peace; Mr. and Mrs. Gerry and Joanie Schott – For world peace, America, and family; Ms. Starlene Schroth – For my daughter, Aleandria Schroth, and my godchild, Darius Legleitner to be safe and healthy; Ms. Barbara Schwemm – Healing for my grandson, Braden Schwemm; Ms. Georgene Sevacko – Sevacko Family; Ms. Carol Seybold – Peace in world and family – do not list online; Ms. Margaret Shehady – For peace; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Shock – For George Hanna who has cancer and for baby Shock; Mrs. Mindy Shock – For Hayden who needs a kidney transplant; Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Sarah Shorthouse – For our entire family and the class of 2018; Mr. Neil Shorthouse – For each voter to seek God’s will in the presidential election; Ms. Angeline Sikora – For my family’s spiritual and physical health; Mr. Kenneth Sinagra – Deceased faculty & staff of Bishop Canevin High School; Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Sue Snyder – Blessings for all active students and alumni; Ms. Josephine Surma – For Michael Surma; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Szymanski – For Giuliana; Ms. Pearl Taborn – For salvation, favor, and prosperity in my family; Mr. Vincent Tomaino – For Kathy Diehl & Nunzia DiPofi; Mr. and Mrs. Frank & Shirley Torchia – Blessings for our family and friends; Mr. and Mrs. Al & Mary Jo Trosky – For Al’s sister, Karen Joos, that all her tests are good; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry & Sylvia Trotta – For good health and well being of all students and their families at Bishop Canevin; Mr. and Mrs. Matt & Cindy Truesdell – Health & safety; Mrs. Marcia Turkovich – Albert Turkovich & the Turkovich family; Mr. Timothy Tutsock – For Elizabeth Tutsock; Mr. Fred Tutsock – For Elizabeth Tutsock; Ms. Jane Umalin – For the soul of Ester Cruz and good health for the Cruz-Umalin family; Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Beth Walsh – For our families and all my patients at the Magee Center; Ms. Darlene Walters – For my 96 year old mother – Myrtle and my children and grandchildren; Mr. and Mrs. Bill & Maria Weber – For Giuliana Weber; Ms. Maureen Welker – For the health and well-being of our family; Mrs. Anita Welker – For improved health; Mr. Ben Woods – For Barbara Groges; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis & Carol Ziolkowski – Leslie Naughton, Mark & Raymond Snyder; Mr. and Mrs. Dave & Kayley Zupancic – For Ashley to find salvation in Jesus; safety for Jared and that he would project the right image to progress in his career; Ms. Barbara Zysk – Good health of Steve Costantino.

May God bless them all.

If you would like to submit a person’s name for our school’s prayer list please email Kathy Lynch.