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The typical school day runs from 8:00am – 2:25pm. Students can arrive starting at 7:00am and are expected to be in Homeroom for the 8:00am bell.


Due to our geographically diverse student population, transportation arrangements differ for each student.

  • Students receiving school district bus transportation should contact their district transportation office with any questions regarding bus routes.

  • Students utilizing a PAT Connect Card will receive their card on orientation day.

  • Students taking the Washington Area bus should have been contacted with bus route information. Any questions can be directed to Scott Holloway of Monark Student Transportation at (412) 458-5230 ext. 422 or SHolloway@monarktrans.com.

  • Student drivers need to be registered with Dean of Students, at milojevichc@bishopcanevin.org

  • Student riders should be dropped off and picked up daily at the lower parking lot entrance.


Our Uniform Policy stresses the importance of self-discipline and a sense of pride in appearance. Strict adherence to the Uniform Policy reinforces the positive learning environment at BCHS. An updated policy will be provided over the summer. We don’t expect major changes, however we like to make enhancements each year as necessary.


School uniforms can be purchased at Pro3 Services in Greentree. We also offer a Uniform Exchange where previously worn and donated uniforms are available to students. This will be open to families during Welcome Back Night on August 23, or appointments can be scheduled over the summer.

Uniform Store Here

School Lunches

School lunches cost approximately $6 for the daily entree and drink with additional a la carte items available for purchase. 


Bishop Canevin utilizes a cashless lunch account system called PaySchools. The system allows students to purchase their lunch using a 4-digit PIN that will be provided to them. Parents and guardians can easily manage and add funds to the lunch account via the PaySchools portal. For new students – information required to set up your PaySchool account (including a Student ID for new students) will be shared prior to student orientation.


While there is a small fee to process these payments, this can be avoided by sending a check or cash to school with your student to have the cafeteria staff load it onto your student’s balance. Please make the check payable to “AVI”.

Load Cash Here

Online Uniform Store

Cruader Spirit Store

Download PaySchools Info



Students will receive their school-issued iPad and login credentials during orientation. Required technology forms will be provided to parents/guardians during New Parent Orientation and for upperclassmen on Orientation Day. 

























School Supplies


The basic supplies such as pencils, pens, and notebooks along with a school-issued iPad will be needed to start the school year. Any additional items will be teacher-specific and will be addressed at the beginning of the school year. 

Medical Forms and Medicine Procedures 


Required medical and medicine forms will be provided to parents/guardians during New Parent Orientation and for upperclassmen on Orientation Day. 




Student-Parent Handbook

Summer Service Hours


Development of our students into “persons for others” through service is a cornerstone of Bishop Canevin. The current service hour policy requires 25 service hours each school year. A minimum of 10 of these hours must include Magis Moments, defined as hands-on service to individuals most in need. Many students get a head start on service hours over the summer. Please use the 23-24 Service Hour Form to track completed hours. Signed forms can be uploaded at the beginning of the school year.

Be Connected


The following are all ways to stay connected with Bishop Canevin throughout the school year:

  • Open and read weekly emails from Bishop Canevin’s Principal, Mr. Joyce. These emails contain school announcements, student achievements, service hour opportunities and more!

  • Check student progress throughout the year using the BC parent portal, PlusPortals.  

  • Encourage students to regularly check their BC email. 

  • Contact the school for a meeting with Administration any time you would like to discuss your student or the school.

  • “Like” and follow Bishop Canevin’s social media pages to see and share the exciting things happening within our school community. Facebook Instagram Twitter

Be Involved


Parent involvement is so very important to the Bishop Canevin culture. We encourage all parents to get involved by volunteering for events, supporting school-wide initiatives, or even just spreading the word about our vibrant school community. More infromation on how to get involved will be shared during BC Parent Night on September 13. 

Michael Joyce



(412)-922-7400 ext. 213


Hey future Crusaders!


School's almost out and we know you'll want fun activities to add to your summer agenda... So what better way to spend your summer than with Bishop Canevin's Musical Theater and the Boys and Girls Basketball & Soccer Teams? We have a wonderful line-up of camps for students to pursue their passions and meet new friends! So REGISTER TODAY for Bishop Canevin's summer camps and secure a spot! 



Grade levels:

B&G Musical Theater: 5th-8th grade

B&G Soccer: 3-8th grade

Boys Basketball: 4-8th grade

Girls Basketball: 5-8th grade



For more details and registration CLICK HERE!