This one semester elective course offered through the Arrupe Virtual Learning Institute is a general introduction to ethical theory and reasoning and its application to a number of hot current world issues, with particular emphasis on bioethics (moral dilemmas of modern biological and medical fields). It begins by addressing the question, why do ethics and moral decision making matter at all in a world we see operating so frequently without them? It surveys major ethical paradigms (common-good ethics, rights ethics, virtue ethics, and ethical relativism) and considers how each can help and hinder our pilgrimage to responsible, life giving choices for us and for our larger human family. Respectful consideration of opposing viewpoints, including the official teachings of the Catholic Church, is a hallmark of the course. By the end of the course, students should be able to manage some real cases on a committee of fellow ethicists using the vocabulary germane to ethicists in hospitals today. . This course is offered as an elective for juniors and seniors. Due to the intensive nature of this course, departmental approval must be obtained. Requires AVLI fee.