Transfer Student Athlete Eligibility


Any student athlete who transfers during high school is required to complete the PIAA Transfer Form.

This is used by the PIAA to determine athletic eligibility.  Any athlete who transfers schools after the start of their 10th grade year will be ineligible to compete in district or PIAA playoffs in any sport they participated in during the previous year. 

PIAA Transfer Form

Fill out the form as instructed below:


  1. Click on the link below to download the Transfer Form.

  2. Complete all fields in Sections 2 – Transferring Student Information (items A-H). Please use the date you completed the form for item G. This date must be AFTER the last day of a student’s current school year.  It is very important to include all sports played, in each season, since grade 7 for item H.

  3. Complete all fields in Section 3 – Transferring Student’s Reason(s) for Transfer. This includes items A & B as well as the parent/guardian signature and date.

  4. Return the completed and signed form to Bishop Canevin’s school office or via email to


The form cannot be returned until after the last day of a student’s current school year.


PIAA Transfer Form


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