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Bishop Canevin continues to invest in our facilities to offer our students the best in education. The Nick Sinagra Innovation Lab, Room B113 – several Model Classrooms, the Reed Family Broadcast Studio. The Michael Maloney ’72 Fitness Center construction was completed this past summer and officially opened to students at the start of the school year. Additional recent projects include the opening of “Betsy’s Place”, a student run café; the renovation of the Gym Floor as we well as the creation of an outdoor classroom space- The ST. Francis Outdoor Classroom. 


Nick Sinagra Innovation Center

Our newly completed innovation center, named after BC alumnus and former employee, Nick Sinagra, offers students in our STEAM classes the opportunity to work with Robotics, 3D printing,  engineering, laser engraving, environmental science, design, and many other subjects and courses.


Students in the Engineering R&D class learn about generators and design a water turbine and generator so that a small amount of electricity can be generated from a pipe filled with flowing water. The project stemmed from an interest in electricity and magnetism and a desire to have a deeper understanding of how kinetic energy (the energy of motion) can be converted into electrical energy in a generator.  By doing a hands-on project, the students will have a much deeper understanding of how electricity is generated than they would by just learning it from a book.

The Innovation Center is an ideal learning environment for this project.  Students have state of the art computers to do research and design.


They have the space needed to have tubs of water and connecting plumbing.  For this project, they are designing their own turbines using Tinker CAD (TM) and printing them on the Ultamaker 3D printer.  This technology allows them to quickly modify and reprint various turbine designs so that they can quickly iterate to the best design.

Room B113 - Model Classroom

Phase III of the Model Classroom renovation in Rm B113 is complete.  A special thanks to our students and faculty volunteers for their help.  This newly renovated educational space equipped with an Acquos Board, LED Lighting, Whiteboards, new classroom furniture, and carpeting opened at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year.

This is what we aspire all of our classroom spaces to look like as we strive to provide our students with the best educational experience possible.

Michael Maloney '72 Fitness Center

Bishop Canevin High School has been given a very generous donation to create a fitness center in honor of Michael Maloney ’72. 


The gift was given by Patty Gorski in memory of her brother.  She fondly recalls “Michael enjoyed football, basketball and track and field.” Classmate Andy Aloe agreed.“Michael would be pleased to help today’s students in this way.”

The 1,400 square-foot fitness center is housed in renovated space just off the school’s main entrance, near the gymnasium.“We are committed to upgrading our facilities,” said Mr. Michael Joyce, Principal. “Athletes and students in physical education classes will both benefit.”


The renovated room is air-conditioned, and includes a rubber flooring suitable for weights and fitness, new exterior windows, LED lighting, drywall, and oak and glass entry doors.  “This will benefit the entire student body,” echoed Mr. Dale Checketts, Bishop Canevin’s Athletic Director. 


Betsy's Place

Betsy’s Place is a 340 square-foot kitchenette –  to prepare refreshments for home games and other events in the gym. In the early mornings before school, the café is the perfect breakfast stop for students who want a quick coffee or smoothie. The project provides new cabinets, countertops, sink, and tile flooring.

St. Francis Outdoor Classroom

Reed Family Broadcast Studio