This yearlong course will, in conjunction with US History III, analyze the course of US History thematically. During the first semester students will explore the themes of America at War and Americans Making a New Start. During the America at War unit, students will evaluate major military conflicts in American History. During the Making a New Start students will examine the experiences and contributions of immigrants and migrants from the arrival of Europeans and West Africans in the 1400s to the current issues of immigration and migration. During the second semester of this course students will evaluate the themes of The Struggle for Equality and The American Economy. During the Struggle for Equality unit students will analyze the experiences of Native Americans, women, African-American, Asian-Americans, and other minority groups that have and continue to work towards an equal place in the American republic. During the American Economy unit, students will examine how the American economic system has evolved from colonial life to the present, with an emphasis on the role of the worker and the labor movement.


PREREQUISITE: ‘C’ average in Modern World Studies (316) or passing grade in Modern World Studies (317)