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World Language



The WORLD LANGUAGE department offers a 4-year program in Spanish.


The objective of the department is two fold:
(1) to familiarize students with the language and culture of other peoples, thus broadening the base of their education, and (2) to assist students in preparing for eventual careers requiring foreign language skills in education, government employment, medical work, foreign service, social work, business and secretarial, industry and tourism. As their schedules allow, the students will be grouped according to ability in the course they choose. Placement of incoming freshmen with previous world language experience will be determined by performance on a language test. Placement of students for subsequent levels of study will be determined by the level of performance in the preceding year of study with teacher approval.


Two consecutive years of study of the same language are required for graduation. Exceptions to this policy must have the specific approval of the Principal and the members of the World Language Department.


Three consecutive years of the same language are recommended. Four consecutive years of the same language are recommended for students following the honors curriculum.


Availability of the fourth and fifth levels of any given language is dependent upon sufficient student enrollment.

Mark Petrovich 

World Language Teacher 


(412)-922-7400 ext. 273