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Spent 25 years at RPS/FedEx Ground and ended up in Pittsburgh 22 years ago for an assignment as Division Vice President of the Eastern Division at FedEx Ground.. Today I am the CEO of Taylor Transportation Inc., an R@R Express company. I have been in Transportation and Logistics for over 40 years. My daughter Gillian attended Bishop Canevin, graduating in 2021. The faith based education along with excellent quality of teachers at BC impressed me very much. I wanted to offer to serve on the BC board to utilize my business  skills and life experiences to help grow BC and keep it vital in very trying times. I am a product of Catholic education and it has served me extremely well and it is of the utmost importance that the option of quality Catholic education remains accessible to all! I started doing Committee work at BC and headed up the Advancement and Facility Committee’s 2017-2019 and then joined the board  in April of 2019. I have been Board Chair since Feb of 2022.